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Wholesale: locally produced items, ; imported items, ; all groups, Share prices, all groups, Wage-rates pp. Effective Weekly Wage-rates p. Average Rates of Wages pp. Half-yearly Surveys of Employment pp. The figures shown in the secondary industry column are further subdivided as follows:—. Summary of Vacancies, Placements, and Disengaged Persons.

Industrial Disputes. Figures for earlier years are shown on paces — of this Year-Book. Shipping and Cargo Handled pp. The tonnage of cargo handled is also given. Statistics of shipping movement and cargo handled at New Zealand ports in and are given below. In the following table the country of registry of inwards overseas shipping in is shown. Of the total net tonnage of inwards overseas vessels in 2,, tons , ships on the United Kingdom registry accounted for 1,, tons— Railway Transport pp. Road Transport p. The number of ex-servicemen and ex-servicemen demobilized from the Forces, as recorded by the Rehabilitation Department, up to the end of March, , was ,, of whom , had returned from overseas service and 66, had served with the home forces.

The following table gives particulars of rehabilitation-loan authorizations for the years ended 31st March, and , and the totals to 31st March, These loans, which are not repayable so long as the ex-serviceman or his dependants continue in occupation of the property, are granted to bridge the gap between present-day costs and normal values, and each case is considered on its merits. The 5 per cent.

Higher limits for the supplementary loan were provided where families with three or more children were concerned. In addition to loans for specific purposes, ex-servicemen may receive financial assistance in certain circumstances by way of special grants or rehabilitation allowances. The following table shows the number of scholars and students receiving instruction in the educational institutions of New Zealand during the years and Registered private schools are included.

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Radio Licences p. Commercial Failures pp. Corresponding figures for the calendar year were: bankruptcies, ; deeds of assignment, Horse-racing p. Land Transfers pp. Particulars of transfers registered during each of the three years in the period which ended March, , are now given.

Mortgages pp. For several years during the war period the value of mortgages released exceeded the amount represented by mortgages registered, but from —47 onwards this trend was reversed despite the fact that discharges were on a heavier scale than previously. Divorces p. Decrees absolute granted: , 1,; ,1, Offences by juveniles dealt with in Children's Courts in p.

Guaranteed Prices for Butler and Cheese pp. These will enable prices to be paid by dairy companies to suppliers per pound of butterfat as follows: The structure of the basic price per pound of butterfat for butter manufacture is: capital charges, 3. While the two largest and most important islands, the North and South Islands of New Zealand, are separated only by a relatively narrow strait, the remaining islands or island groups are very much smaller and in general are widely dispersed over a considerable expanse of ocean.

The boundaries of New Zealand inclusive of its most outlying islands and dependencies range from the northern limit of the 8th degree of south latitude to south of the 60th degree of south latitude, the complementary extremes of longitude with origin Greenwich being from the th degree of east longitude to the th degree of west longitude. The precise boundaries as they now exist were originally defined in the relevant proclamations, letters patent, and legislation mentioned in the pages immediately following; general statements are contained in the description next presented relating to those areas over which New Zealand exercises jurisdiction or administrative responsibility.

In all instances the measurement of longitude refers to the number of meridians east or west of Greenwich. In proceeding from north to south, the first area, including the Tokelau Islands some miles north of Western Samoa or 2, miles approximately north of Wellington the capital of New Zealand , extends from the 8th to the 10th degrees of south latitude and from the st to the rd degrees of west longitude.

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The second area encloses the Cook and associated islands distant from Wellington in a northeasterly direction approximately 2, miles Cook lower Group to 2, miles Northern Group and Niue. The Cook lower and Northern Groups are bounded on the east and west by the th and th degrees of west longitude respectively, and on the north and south by the 8th and 23rd degrees of south latitude. Then follows a third zone covering the trust territory of Western Samoa, which is some 2, miles distant and contained within the 13th to the 15th degrees of south latitude and the st to rd degrees of west longitude.

Further south, and slightly north by east from New Zealand, a matter of roughly 1, miles from Wellington, is situated the Kermadec Islands group. These islands lie between the 29th and 32nd degrees of south latitude and the th and th degrees of west longitude. New Zealand as defined after the extension of boundaries in , constitutes the fifth and principal area. Its boundaries extend from the 33rd to the 53rd degrees of south latitude and from the nd degree of east longitude to the rd degree of west longitude.

The sixth area relates to the Ross Dependency which is administered by New Zealand and consists of the coasts of the Ross Sea with adjacent islands and territories between the th degree of east longitude and the th degree of west longitude, and south of the 60th degree of south latitude.

The administrative appointments for Nauru are made by the Australian Government, but New Zealand appoints a representative to the British Phosphates' Commission, which controls the working of the phosphate deposits. For statistical purposes, the following classification of the administrative area of New Zealand is the most convenient, the actual areas being also given. The total area of the foregoing groups exclusive of the Ross Dependency and the Trust Territory of Western Samoa is , square miles.

Elsewhere in this issue—viz. The latter area does not include the Cook and associated islands or the Tokelau Islands. The relevant Proclamations, defining from time to time the administrative area of New Zealand, are briefly referred to in the following paragraphs. These limits excluded small portions of the extreme north of the North Island and of the extreme south of Stewart Island.

The minor islands mentioned on page 2 were thus brought within the extended boundaries of New Zealand, being assigned to the appropriate province on the occasion of the Proclamation dividing the country into two provinces. The number of provinces was increased in later years, though all were finally abolished in By Proclamation bearing date the 21st July, , the Kermadec Islands were declared to be annexed to and to become part of the then colony of New Zealand. By Proclamation of the 10th June, , the Cook Islands, and all the other islands and territories situate within the boundary-lines mentioned earlier were included as from the 11th June, The territory of Western Samoa was formerly administered pursuant to a mandate conferred upon His Britannic Majesty, to be administered on his behalf by the Government of New Zealand, and confirmed by the Council of the League of Nations on 17th December, This draft agreement replaced the original mandate and thus brought the Territory within the framework of the international trusteeship system established under the United Nations Charter.

Under the new agreement the New Zealand Government assumed direct responsibility for the administration of Western Samoa. The agreement was approved by the General Assembly on 13th December, By Imperial Order in Council of the 30th July, , the coasts of the Boas Sea in the Antarctic regions , with the adjacent islands and territories between the limits specified earlier were declared a British settlement within the meaning of the British Settlements Act, This region was named the Boss Dependency, and placed under the administration of the Governor-General of New Zealand.

The dependency is uninhabited. By Imperial Orders in Council of the 4th November, , the Tokelau Islands consisting of the islands of Fakaofo, Nukunono, and Atafu, and the small islands, islets, rocks, and reefs depending on them, a total area of only four square miles were excluded from the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony, and placed under the administration of the Governor-General of New Zealand. In accordance with a provision of the second of these Orders in Council, the Governor-General's authority and power in connection with the administration of the islands were, by New Zealand Order in Council of the 8th March, , delegated to the Administrator of Western Samoa.

With the exception of the low-lying North Auckland peninsula, the New Zealand land-mass lies along a south-westerly and north-easterly axis, parallel to the direction of its mountain-chains.

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By reason of the latter fact the coast-line is, on the whole, not greatly indented; and, as a consequence, New Zealand is not well endowed with natural harbours. In the North Island, Auckland and Wellington are the only two safe natural harbours of which the fullest commercial use can be made. On the cast coast of the North Auckland peninsula several deep and sheltered harbours exist, but as the surrounding country is comparatively undeveloped they are of little economic consequence at present.

In the South Island the Marlborough Sounds and the West Coast Sounds form perfect land-locked harbours, but owing to their situations and to the rugged nature of the terrain they have—with the exception of Queen Charlotte Sound—little or no commercial utility. In this manner efficient ports, capable of accommodating overseas vessels, have been formed in Lyttelton, Otago, and Bluff harbours.

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  4. On the west coast of both Islands the strong ocean-drifts and high seas cause shoaling at river-mouths and harbour-entrances, while on the east coast of the South Island similar circumstances prevail, due to the large quantities of shingle brought down by the rivers being spread along the coast by ocean currents. The mountainous nature of the country makes the haulage of goods to and from the better-equipped natural harbours both costly and difficult, and the construction and maintenance of further ports at various points along the coasts of both Islands has been necessary, either by dredging river-mouths or by harbour-construction work.

    In the North Island the higher mountains occupy approximately one-tenth of the surface; but, with the exception of the four volcanic peaks of Egmont 8, ft. Of these four volcanoes only the first-named can be classed as dormant. Ruapehu was particularly active from March, , to the end of that year, being responsible for considerable deposits of volcanic ash over a very wide area, while more recent and spectacular activity was exhibited by Ngauruhoe during the period February to May, In both eases violent eruptions alternated with quieter periods.

    Other volcanoes include Mount Tarawera and White Island, each of which has, upon one occasion within historical times, erupted with disastrous consequences. Closely connected with the volcanic system are the multitudinous hot springs and geysers.

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    The South Island is much more mountainous than the North, but shows fewer manifestations of recent volcanic activity. Along almost the entire length of the Island runs the massive chain known as the Southern Alps, which attains its greatest height in Mount Cook 12, ft. As might be expected, the higher mountains of the South Island have exerted a greater influence on the economic development of the country than those of the North Island.

    For many years the Southern Alps were an effective barrier to communication by land between the east and west coasts, while their climatic effects on the Canterbury plains and Otago plateaux determined the types of cultivation undertaken. Moreover, the existence of much elevated open country led to the development of pastoral holdings on a large scale.

    While the mountains in the North Island are not as high nor as extensive as those of the South Island, in the early days they effectively isolated various portions of the coastal plains and valleys. Their effect on climatic conditions, however, is considerably less, the rainfall being more evenly distributed. Owing to this more even distribution of the rainfall, and to the existence of considerable areas of lower relief, the foothills of the mountain systems were heavily wooded, and so proved a hindrance to agrarian development. In the issue of the Year-Book a list was given, not claimed as exhaustive, of named peaks of 7, ft.

    Below is a list of the peaks restricted to the three largest volcanic cones in the North Island and to mountains of a minimum height of 9, ft. The list has been compiled from various sources, and does not purport to be free from omissions. Of the glaciers the largest is the Tasman, which, with others of comparable size, rises in the more elevated area surrounding Mount Cook. On the western slope of the range, owing to the greater snow precipitation, the glaciers are more numerous and descend to lower levels, while the steeper slope gives them a more rapid rate of flow. As will be realized, these glaciers are an important tourist attraction, and as such have definite economic significance.

    Moreover, those glaciers on the eastern slopes which feed rivers utilized for irrigation and hydro-electric purposes are valuable in that they help to ensure a steady volume of water throughout the year. Moreover, owing to the high relief of the country, they are mostly swift-flowing, while, as mentioned previously, nearly all are obstructed at their mouths by bars. For the purpose of internal communication, therefore, they are of little economic utility, and only in two or three isolated instances have they been thus consistently used.

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    With improved roading conditions, however, their traffic has become negligible even in these cases. As sources of hydro-electric power, New Zealand rivers are of considerable importance, since their rapid rate of flow and dependable volume of ice-free water make them eminently suitable for this purpose. At the present time the Waikato and the Mangahao in the North Island and the Waitaki and Waipori in the South are used for major hydro-electric schemes and a further major development is now being undertaken on the Clutha.

    The characteristics just mentioned are also important for purposes of irrigation, but, owing to the country's reliable rainfall, there are few areas other than in Canterbury and Otago where the rivers are so utilized. In the Year-Book appears an account of the rivers of New Zealand, but space in this issue is, however, available only for a list of the more important ones, with their approximate lengths. The discovery in that the beds of numerous rivers in the South Island contained extensive deposits of alluvial gold was of considerable importance in the economic development of the country.

    Not only did it lead to an increase in population and in wealth, but, through the following of the numerous streams to their sources, it also led to the rapid exploration of large tracts of remote country. The exploitation of these deposits has been carried on with varying degrees of success up to the present time by both manual and mechanical means.

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